Understanding the Importance of Pre-Season Maintenance

While your furnace is inactive, dust and other debris can accumulate in ductwork. Even if your furnace shares the same ducts with your cooling system, there will be areas that don’t get attention until you decide to switch to heating. Other mechanical parts of your furnace will need a good cleaning before use, or you could experience poor indoor air quality at best and a failed furnace at worst.

What Services Should be Performed on My Furnace?

Aside from a good cleaning performed by a qualified licensed technician, You can clean or replace the air filter within your furnace as well. This will ensure that you’ve got a fresh start this heating season.

Always have your furnace serviced by a quality heating company, because most furnaces utilize gas or electricity to run. This can be dangerous to handle on your own, even if you know how to shut the power source off. Furnace fan belts and other components will need to be inspected and seen by a licensed technician to ensure proper operation when you’re ready to heat your home.

Lubrication will also be necessary, H&A plumbing, Heating & Cooling, LLC can provide the proper equipment and knowledge to ensure that your furnace will be ready to do its duty when the cold sets in. Taking the proper measures beforehand will allow you and your family to stay comfortable this winter, And be ready for anything the Northwest winter wants to throw at you.

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